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Argon Welding Torch SAP GC-20 Gas Cooled-220 Amp.


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  • Premium quality Argon / TIG welding torch with a rating of 220 ampere.
  • Its electric conductivity is most closed to 2% thoriated tungsten electrode at either AC or DC 
  • No need for any welding program changes
  • Lanthanated tungsten electrode, with good welding performance
  • Easy to change or adapt, made from copper, toughness and durability guaranteed
  • High quality SAP argon welding torch
  • With an assembly length of 4mtr. and a 35sqm cable it makes this argon torch highly durable and easy to use.
  • The user friendly mechanism of this torch helps the user work more efficiently by saving more time in setting it up (plug and use).
  • Can connect externally to any inverter technology welding machine/rectifier.

About the company:

The name Sap and Sap Argon Welding Torch is became synonymous in gtaw (tig) welding industry in India. From the very beginning it has been pioneer in developing quality products. Quality is the trade mark of any Sap product.

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 32 × 7 cm


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Argon TorchArgon Welding Torch SAP GC-20 Gas Cooled-220 Amp.
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