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Champ-T 400 Ampere Welding Machine Ador




400 AMP 3 phase inverter-based, High-efficiency DC Welder. Suitable for pipe welding with cellulosic electrodes 6010, 7010g, and 8010G.

Latest Inverter based rectifier units are suitable for Manual Metal Arc welding (SMAW) process with all general purpose and special electrodes like 7018 type etc.

Ideally suitable for light, Medium and Heavy duty, all purpose industrial, structural welding applications both within shopfloor and at project sites including construction of power plants, Refineries and cement plants etc.

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• Three phase IGBT inverter based, high efficiency and high power factor DC Welder
• High OVC and suitable for Long distance welding and cellulosic electrodes
• Enhanced Reliability due to SMD technology
• Capable of Welding with all types of cellulosic electrodes including 6010, 7010G and 8010G l HF
• High frequency IGBT based Rectifier
• Arc force adjustment on panel
• TIG Welding possible with External HF Unit
• Lightweight, compact and portable for easy handling
• Capable of Welding with 100 meter + 100 meter welding and return cables
• Smooth and stable arc with minimum spatter
• Controls provided for adjustments of Arc force
• TIG operation possible with external HF TIG Control unit

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 70 × 35 × 55 cm


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Champ-T 400 Ampere Welding Machine Ador
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