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Tata Agrico Screw Driver Flat Tip


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Screwdriver with a flat wedge-shaped tip that fits into a slot in the head of a screw.The Handle is ergonomically designed for convenint usage .The handle is made from virgin Cellulose Acetate material .The material has been used for this application due to its natural feel and toughness. Cellulose Acetate is a natural polymer manufactured out of natural cellulose which is unbreakable,non -flammable,shockproof; and oil ,grease,water and chemical -resistant. Blade is made out of spring steel that ensures durability. Blade tips are hardened and temperedand provide strength against twisting and bending when placed under torque.


(2.5×50) SDF015, (2.5×75) SDF016, (2.5×100) SDF017, (3.25×75) SDF018, (4.5×75) SDF019, (6×100) SDF020, (6×150) SDF021, (6×200) SDF022, (8×175) SDF023, (8×200) SDF024, (8×250) SDF025, (8×300) SDF026, (10×200) SDF027, (10×250) SDF028, (10×300) SDF029


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Tata Agrico Screw Driver Flat Tip
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