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Safety Goggles Karam (White) ES001 Smoke


Key Features 

  • Has a clear lens and a unique wrap-around design for better coverage
  • Extremely lightweight, thus providing extreme comfort
  • Flexible temple with a wrap-around design
  • Tested at elevated temperatures, resistant to corrosion and ignition, optically tested
  • Tested for disinfection and increased robustness


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  • An ultra-lightweight model offering the highest level of eye protection against high-speed particles.
  • It is a frameless, wrap-around spectacle for all industrial settings where dust/flying particles protection or ultraviolet protection is required.
  • ¬†It provides frontal, lateral impact resistance protection. It is hard-coated for scratch resistance.
  • Resistance to low-impact energy of high-speed particles at extremes of temperatures.
  • Hard-coated lens for anti-fog properties which decreases fogging thereby enhancing clarity in vision.
  • Smoked lens offers protection from excessive glare and reduces blinding brightness.


Weight 26gms approx
Material of Lens High impact resistant optical class 1 Polycarbonate hard-coated lens for scratch resistance
Lens Scale No. Clear: 3-1.2, Smoked: 5-3.1
Best Before 5 years from the date of manufacturing
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

1, 6, 12, 24


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Safety Goggles Karam (White) ES001 Smoke
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